Termites are silent destroyers which makes them hard to detect — learn the signs of termites today!


Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year to homes because they are notoriously tough to spot. They aren’t called the silent destroyers haphazardly — as they typically invade your home from the inside out causing major structural damage — undetected — and it’s often too late.


At SWAT Mosquito and Pest Control, we are here to make the tough call on termites, as we are the leading local pest control company with the skills to identify and treat a termite infestation. Join us in today’s blog, as we uncover the unmistakable signs of termites.


The Red Flags of a Termite Infestation


If termites are a concern and you’d rather skip the home destruction and large termite control bill, stay alert and look out for the red flags of a termite infestation.


Discarded Wings and Swarmers


The termites that reproduce, known as swarmers, are the female and male winged termites. Following winter’s final freeze and the emergence of springtime, the swarmers surface to mate and seek out a new colony. As they begin to start their new colony (oftentimes your home), this stage of their lifecycle promotes the shedding of their wings which are often found near window sills, doors, or nearby their newly established colony.


The shedding of wings may be an early or late sign of a termite infestation.


Mud Tube Termite Colonies


If you spot mud tubes on your property, this is the beginning of a subterranean termite colony. These mud tubes house the most destructive termite species within the moisture, available food source, and protection — if this emerges call the termite experts immediately.


Decaying or Damaged Wood


The winter may expose your home to damage from the melting snow and ice, leaving wood nice and damp — a perfect temptation for termites. Decaying wood is also another draw for termites, so if you have a stump or dead tree, you may as well give the keys of your home to the termites!


Before spring is in full swing, do a quick home inspection. Look at outside structures and ensure their health — if something looks damaged or may have been compromised from termites, knock on the wood — if it’s hollow-sounding, this could indicate termites.


Bubbling Paint


If your exterior paint is bubbling or appears uneven, it means there is moisture, termites, or both. Naturally, the termites are drawn to the damp areas, so if your paint has water damage, it is only a matter of time until the termites show up.


Drywood Droppings


Drywood termites are a type of termite that typically snack on dry wood, leaving your home and outside buildings especially vulnerable because the wood doesn’t have to be damaged. If you begin to see wood-colored droppings outside (or inside) your home, this is a sure sign of termites.


Hard To Open Windows and Doors  


When the weather goes through transitions from cold to hot, naturally, your wooden doors and windows can swell making them difficult to open. However, this can also indicate termites, so do not overlook it! There may be additional moisture as a result of the changing seasons and this draws in termites. The delicious dampness can cause them to tunnel through these structures causing the wood to further warp and making them extremely hard to open.




If you think you’re seeing ants, you’re probably seeing termites! Most homeowners mistake termites for ants because they do look very similar. One of the biggest differences is termites will have a creamy white tone, appearing almost translucent, so if white ants are roaming around, make no mistake and trust the evidence! Call termite control right away!


Termite Colonies in Your Tree


There are some species of termites that love to colonize in trees, so if you see the winged swarmers coming and going or termites crawling out and about, it is just a matter of time before they make their way towards your home. Even if the tree seems far away, it’s not! Termites don’t sleep and work 24/7 to claim a tasty wood snack!


If you recognize any of these red flags, they’re unmistakable signs your home is under siege and potentially compromised by termites!

Don’t get eaten out of house and home by termites and work with the premier termite control today!