Rid your home or business of rodents with our certified pest control services!

Living or dead, rodents can pose a serious problem. They can damage your wires, leave unpleasant odors, and carry disease. The technicians at SWAT Mosquito & Pest Control can handle any rodent that may plague your home with our highly effective baits and traps. Some rodent infestations can be taken care of in a couple services, while others may take longer, but one thing is guaranteed – we will solve your problem.

Having any rodents around your home or business can be destructive to your property and your health. Below are just a few ways rodents cause harm.

Rodents spread disease.

Because rodents have a fast metabolism and are able to process food quickly, this means they also produce a lot of waste. Not only can their feces cause foul smells in spaces, but they can also transmit disease such as the hantavirus.

While most rodents don’t carry rabies, any small bite raises concern and should be treated and investigated accordingly.

Rodents cause structural damage.

Because mice and rats chew on things, they’re known to make holes in drywall and other home structures. As these rodents are chewing through things, they don’t realize the difference between drywall and electrical work, and can then cause an electrical fire as a result.

Rodents disrupt your quality of life.

You cannot dismiss the sleepless nights you have when you wake up to the constant gnawing and chewing the mice and rats make.

Rodents are invasive and destructive and they shouldn’t be in your home or business.

Work with us today to mitigate your rodent issues!

Helpful Rodent Prevention Tips

• Seal any potential rodent entry points inside and outside your home.

• Put your food into containers – don’t leave anything loose in cabinets or on counters.

• Keep your home tidy to prevent any rodent habitats.