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SWAT Mosquito & Pest Control is your one-stop solution for all your pest related problems. From mosquitos to termites to possums, our extremely professional and highly trained applicators can take care of virtually any infestation you have – big or small. Contact us today and allow us to remove the pests from your home or business. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Our Pest Control Services

Mosquito Control

When you combine humid temperatures and large bodies of water, you’ll likely have a thriving mosquito population — much to your distaste! Learn more about our mosquito control services.

Household and General Pest Control

Discovering the underworld of creepy, crawly creatures — from ants to termites — can cause panic, but that’s why you have us. Eliminate your pest problem and find solutions in our general pest control.  

Termite Inspection and Treatment

If a termite infestation isn’t mitigated, it can cause a host of issues to your home or business. At SWAT Mosquito & Pest Control, we offer the CL 100 in our termite inspection services and treat a termite infestation with a thorough inspection and treat it as necessary. Learn more about the process on our termite inspection and treatment page.  

Rodent Control

Rodents are an issue to any home or business because they carry disease whether they’re dead or alive. We can mitigate the smallest or largest of rodent infestations. Learn more on our rodent control page.  

Weed and Invasive Plant Control – A beautiful lawn coupled with picturesque landscaping is something most homeowners in the south strive for, so don’t let native grasses, plants, and weeds invade and disrupt your yard. Treat your yard safely and preserve your landscaping when you work with us. Peruse our process on our weed and invasive plant control page.